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Across the street there is a fashion store whose golden days, however, seem to lie somewhere in the past. Perhaps that’s why the owner, an older lady, isn’t the cheeriest of people. she also has a short temper and is strongly opinionated.

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I like that you exist

Outside the shop, on the sidewalk, there are three men in dark-blue suits discussing where to go for lunch. I watch them. I look at how they almost radiate physical fitness and self-confidence and even condescendence. I drink my coffee from a tiny white cup, thinking I will never have their wealth, their athleticism or their assertiveness. Read more


A rainy morning. Just the two of us at the bus station. Not for long though — a neighbor’s kid walked towards us, slowly, enjoying the raindrops. Or maybe he was just still sleepy? As soon as we spotted him, we sucked in our tummies, stood as straight as we could and looked ahead, as if waiting for orders from an unseen commander. We waited and waited and waited, until he was just a few steps away from us and then we burst into cheers, waved our hands and wished him a good morning. He was a bit embarrassed but thanked us and said that it was... cool. Read more


Everyone in the underground looks tired this rainy evening. Two men next to me talk about photography. Or that’s what i think they discuss — I can’t hear them well enough. Exposure comes up, as well as light. One of them has a DSLR hanging around his neck, his right hand holding it carefully. I am thinking about their hobby and about the thousands upon thousands of pictures nobody will ever get to see. Are they good enough? Powerful enough? Is there enough light in them? Enough negative space? Does it matter if nobody will ever look at them? will they ever be “discovered”? Read more

At Night

I was in a tram last night, going home. At one station, a bunch of French seniors got in; 20-30 of them. All smiling and shouting "Dominique," for some reason. When the tram departed, rather abruptly, they all let out a "whoosh" sound while being catapulted about a meter towards the back, forming a solid mass of happy people: they kept laughing and shrieking. We rode together for a while.

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Tobias Wolff - Spune Da


Spălau vasele. Soția lui le spăla și el le ștergea. Seara trecută le-a spălat el. Ajuta des la treburile prin casă, în comparație cu alți bărbați, cunoscuți de-ai săi, cel puțin. În urmă cu cîteva luni a auzit o prietenă de-a soției spunîndu-i acesteia că trebuie să fie norocoasă să aibă un soț așa de atent. “Încerc și eu”, se gîndise. Ajutînd la spălatul vaselor era o modalitate de a arată cît de amabil putea să fie.
Au discutat despre cîteva lucuri și, la un moment dat, au ajuns să se întrebe dacă albii ar trebui să se căsătorească cu negrii. A spus că, luînd totul în considerare, nu ar fi o idee bună.
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I am glad that I can take R to museums. He’s just an 8 year-old boy interested in Lego and stories and fishing (though he never tried that just yet) but, with a bit of luck, he plays along and I can take him to exhibitions in art museums. The Museum of Natural Sciences, on the other hand, is actually something he wants to see and he is the one dragging me there.
I have to admit that one can’t be unimpressed by the 40 something rooms chock full of stuffed animals - most of them exotic, of fossils and dinosaurs and of minerals in all sorts of shapes and colors. Read more