what if? well, that’s the question! that’s always the question. not to be or not to be but what if it were and what if i were not? yes, it’s a bit crazy to think of it like this. thou shall not discard possibilities!

today i had a sort of revelation. no, nothing in the mystical way. i just realized that the people i deal with everyday are not particularly smarter than me. or more cultivated. or more open to the world. or whatever else… you have it! what they do, i can do as well. perhaps i can even do it better. i just need to have all the data. the only problem is that the data is huge. it takes time but it is not impossible. years of studying paintings and brush strokes, monograms and signatures, colors and frames.

am listening to cinematic orchestra and have a glass. i have been fighting with google reader for an hour and managed to get it to work again although the solution i found should only be temporary. i had a look at the wikipedia site on bilbao. did not know it is a fair size city. will not get bored there. will i be able to put to work the little spanish i learned a couple of months ago? am curious…

should i give a damm? why should i?

just discovered this. what is it exactly? i do not know. just looking for an article about “new objectivity” that got me to some images used in an art class that got me to a bacon’s cardinals after velasquez. then, i wanted to see some of velasquez’s cardinals myself. and that got me here. seems to be interesting.

and there’s poetry there as well.

Vladimir Holan – She Asked You

A girl asked you: What is poetry?
You wanted to say to her: You are too, ah yes, you are
and that in fear and wonder,
which prove the miracle,
I’m jealous of your beauty’s ripeness,
and because I can’t kiss you nor sleep with you,
and because I have nothing and whoever has nothing to give
must sing…

But you didn’t say it, you were silent
and she didn’t hear the song.

good night!

and good luck!