Monday, as usual now, was a movie monday. Votiv Kino – Caos Calmo, with Nanni Moretti. I did not expect much from it. Years ago I saw Caro Diaro and loved it. And then I saw La Stanza Del Figlio and hated it. So… everything was possible… And, it worked. Pretty well, I should say. Quite a good movie. It’s almost impossible to think of how many stories he stuffed in such a little film. Of course, most of them are given as a sort of homework. You have to work on them, if you want. There is enough material there to let you talk about and think about for days. You can put more flesh on the sketches he made, you can let your fantasy wander and develop, make everything bigger, wider, etc. Or you can just take it as he gives it to us.

Every now and then I expected the story would lose credibility. But it did not. It held its own.