Sicily is a quite an island. I will never forget the light there (is this already stereotypical?). There were clouds every now and then but you could always see/feel the sun, flaming the evening sky or, in the morning, drawing a fine line of bright light at the horizon, over the sea. And then, there were these UFO like clouds, blue and gray hovering at Etna’s side. Once, coming back from Syracuse in the evening, I could see in the distance suspended over the sea an upside down image of the volcano. Roundish clouds piled up one over the other from very small to immensely huge, dissipating in the higher layers of the troposphere.
There will be photos. Actually, how would it be if I would turn this into a photo-blog? Should the writing have priority? Why should it, actually? It should come first when there is something to be said in writing. Pictures would do when there is something to be said in images.

There are some decisions that I made for this year. It should be a roller-coaster year!
On Wednesday I saw Annie Leibovitz’s exhibition at the Kunsthaus. It’s quite amazing what she can do with her models and how good they can work together. Some pictures I saw already on covers of magazines. Others were completely new; and shocking. The photos she took of Susan Sontag were pretty much everywhere, throughout all the illustrated years. The hurt, the pain, the sorrow she must have felt struggling against cancer… It’s all there. And you cannot look away. I couldn’t look away. A stubborn thought kept nagging at my mind – if photographed by Leibovitz, my mother would’ve looked pretty much the same.