… I’m back, again!

The little time I have these days I seem to spend online. Might do me some good leaving all that reddit stuff alone for a while… and all those RSS feeds that keep coming and coming. I seem to think that I know more and that I have a better overview of THE Internet. THE Internet. And then I read about Bradbury saying that the Internet is a big distraction, that it’s meaningless. Perhaps he’s right. Perhaps it is so. Perhaps I should take a leave. Read less meaningless stuff! Do more real stuff!

Though I do that too. That’s why I’ve not written anything in more than a year.

To come back to… stuff… DostoyevskyThe Idiot. I thought, why not? It might be interesting to get back to the old Russian soul. And bang! It hit me again. As any time I read Dostoyevsky. The stories this man can tell!!! Chapeau! Again!

Before that – Eco’s Prague Cemetery. At the beginning I thought – “OK, he’s going to show me again how well read he is”. And he does exactly that. That… too. Cannot compare Eco to Dostoyevsky, but he’s nevertheless interesting to read if you want to find answers of sorts. This time – conspiracy theories. From Zionism to the French revolution, etc.

Ha! 19th century… Actually, Eco’s novel is set about 30 years later than The Idiot. But somehow, the latter seems a lot more recent, a lot fresher…

Saw The Artist the other day. Was it worth 6 Oscars? I guess so. Since I (too) do not really care about the Oscars, I guess it could’ve won all of them. Or none. I have to admit, it did take guts to make such a film today. A silent B&W film with a 1.33:1 aspect ratio… It takes quite a lot of courage to make it happen. Or playfulness… But otherwise…