I’ve never been much of a runner. Just a few months ago I would not have been able to understand why would one be willing to run more than five km at a time. Twenty, thirty min for a run would have been enough. You’d sweat a little, you’d move your ass a bit. You could have cake without feeling too bad about it.

And then it started. Just so, on a whim. Can I go farther?, I asked myself. Well, try it and you’ll see. And another km. And another. And another. Little did I know that you step into a different world when you reach your 10th km. And after that… There is a different kind of happiness you get in touch with. “Runner’s high”, indeed. Then you go for 15 km and you’re happy. Then 20 km. And you’re happy (though keeping that bowling ball that is your head from pulling too hard at your neck muscles for a couple of hours could be a difficult task). Come rain, come snow, you have to get out there. It’s already past 9 PM? Perfect! You know you’ll be back in an hour or so, have another bite to eat (those calories just seem to fly when you’re running), shower and go to bed, read a few pages from a book and you’ll keep having a smile on your face.

Yes, of course, there are changes your body goes through and you might pull a muscle here, you might pinch a nerve there, you need to rest a couple of days but it all goes away. And you get stronger.

And you want more!