No, it is not! But it so happens that….

Really, now. The kid was sick yesterday. I stayed home with him. Poor thing. He’s very seldom sick and he does not really know how to deal with it. Throwing up scares him. His whole little body arched stiff above the bucket, quivering. By the evening he got better, though. He ate a bit and started chatting and chatting and almost jumping around, as usual. Going to bed took some time (he slept a couple of hours in the afternoon) and, even though I planned to go running, to loosen up a bit from mostly doing nothing but stroking a tiny stomach the whole day, I realized it got quite late (already ten pm) and I was sleepy actually. Almost five minutes passed by with me debating with myself what to do.


And off I went. It was not to be a long run. Just five km. Or so. And stay in the neighborhood! That’s what I intended. Thus, I ran on most streets in a two km radius. After a while I thought I kept seeing the same few people over and over again, walking the same dogs (one of which tried to bite me). I even almost embraced a guy after taking a rather sharp corner (which btw, led the me to a cul-de-sac, thank you very much) and, startled, tried not to knock each other out.

The five km got to be ten. Time well spent: I listened to an interview with Goli Taraghi and another one with John Burnside. There is so much to discover! The Loki analogy in a Taraghi story got me thinking (and it got her thinking too): I somehow do not find Silverblatt very appealing but he’s very good. Wachtel? No reservations here!

An hour later I was home again. Everybody was asleep, exactly as I left them.

It was quiet and good.