It’s been a bit of a struggle but I managed to make this RPi2 work. It runs, albeit a bit slow. I am toying with the idea of buying something more powerful, a small PC, to be used as a multimedia center, web server and sync machine. But I am also a bit surprised that the tiny raspi can take all I threw at it and, in its slowish but consistent way, it chugs along and does not complain. I will work with it until it breaks or until it cannot take it anymore.

In the underground I was reading from an article about Oliver Sacks. There were some pictures in there as well but I could not place them in the geography of my thoughts. The Oliver Sacks I envisioned was a thin man, a sort of pedant, careful, calculated guy. How else could one be if one is so much in love with the periodical table of elements? I was wrong. He was a big, strong guy. A body-builder with something of a name in the scene in the 60’s. Seeing him without a beard, in bathing shorts, near his motorcycle, with the sea behind him, laughing… Who was this guy? He used to change his appearance frequently. Put on weight, lose it, letting his beard grow, shaving it. Surprised. He said, at one point, that he thinks he writes around a million words a year. Shelves of notebooks were lining up his study. Whatever he wrote about? I never read anything by him until now (though The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat was and still is on my list) and I do not know when I will find the time to do it.