It got late yesterday. Past two a.m. and I was still awake. Thinking about stuff. Afraid. Hopeful.

Trying to be good is difficult… if you are not in the mood. What I can see with R is that, even if the situation gets out of hand, a hug will most of the time be the best there is. Just take him softly and wrap your arms around him and try to talk to him in a low, calm tone. He’ll react accordingly, he’d not feel he has to react against something but to find a reference point. Don’t let him hang by himself, don’t put yourself on the other side. Never be on the other side. Never leave him alone.

Try to be good, give a hug!

Oh, was it Pamuk that said that memory is something of a fuel for the human beings? No! I think it was Murakami. We run on memory. We are memory. The more we remember, the more we are. The more we are, the stronger we remember.