Summarizing the movies I saw lately in (around) three words.

Take this waltz - funny, loose, hot (as in weather).

My week with Marilyn - dizzy, blond, sulky.

Wild - arid, stubborn, hollow.

Before I Disappear - amusing, quirky, grungy.

Revolutionary Road - confused, weary, somehow missing the target.

The Lincoln Lawyer - showy, edgy, heedful.

Holy Smoke - slow-ish, “seems to get caught in its own net”, naked.

Poetry - sentimental(ish), punchy, gracile.

The One I Love - a mix of everything. a bit crazy, careless.

The Lovers - Malle. Classy.

The Art of the Steal - or, how to get 20 billion with 10 million $. Barnes Foundation. Philadelphia

The Master - A bit scrambled. Very beautiful and perfectly acted.

Two Lives - Sad. Heartbreaking but angrily so. Hits under the belt.

Silver Lining - Could have been a bit shorter. Fun. Plot a bit wobbly.

Fading Gigolo - Woody Allen does Woody Allen. Turturro should only be an actor.

In A World - voice-over world, rather easy, fun.

The Shipping News - compressed, difficult. Needs the book first.

Frances Ha - New York, New York. Young. Hopeful.

Le Fils de l’Epiciere - quite OK, funny at times, pensive.

Little Miss Sunshine - have popcorn, will watch. And soda.

Walk the Line - Folsom prison blues. Thump, thump, thump…

Seraphine - nicely acted, true story. Almost.

Biutiful. “one of the best films you will never want to see again”

Alceste à bicyclette - story-line gaps,

Punch-Drunk Love - although… Sandler, funny, eccentric.

Ghandi - Lots of cotton being spun. Salt making. Fake blood.

Holy Motors - linear inception.

Brokeback Mountain - Green, lots of sheep, swift, visceral.

The French Connection - first part; the sequence should be better.

Depuis qu’Otar est parti - Georgia, old, sparkling, heartening.

Educating Rita - funny, old-school.

Inception - too wide a premise, volatile, fun to watch if you buy in.

Oldboy - smitten, 15 years!, crazy scenes, Oedipus in reverse.

Les 400 Coups - classy, classical, intimate.

Ladri di Biciclete - a collapsing world, a father-son odyssey.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide Through the Galaxy - 42, funny, mad.

There Will be Blood - sweaty, dusty, oily, deafeningly quiet, viperine.

Anna Karenina - the visible and the invisible, the play that is no play, though it comes comes across as a playful show.

The words - bad(ish), thin, poor.

Being Flynn - dark, rounceval, the story within a story from the point of view of the writer, the writer within the writer.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb - another sort of Kubrick, of which I know little about.

Babel - Iñárritu, emotional, weary, almost Hollywood-ian.

Stories we Tell - a revelation.

Gerhard Richter Painting - red, yellow, green, smudge.

Sunshine cleaning - have popcorn. And soda.