a rainy morning. just the two of us at the bus station. not for long though — a neighbor’s kid walked towards us, slowly, enjoying the raindrops. or maybe he was just still sleepy? as soon as we spotted him, we sucked in our tummies, stood as straight as we could and looked ahead, as if waiting for orders from an unseen commander. we waited and waited and waited, until he was just a few steps away from us and then we burst into cheers, waved our hands and wished him a good morning. he was a bit embarrassed but thanked us and said that it was… cool.

soon enough all three of us assumed our positions because the next prospective bus traveller, a little girl with long blond hair, was rushing towards the bus stop. we welcomed her with a round of applause, which made her laugh and perhaps even blush a bit.

only a minute later, the neighbor who lives upstairs from us, a woman in her fifties, was treading towards us, face hidden behind a red umbrella. by now all four were waiting, bodies straight, not even blinking. and, at the right time, we all shot out our cheers and did the wave and wished her a good morning.

we laughed, excited. then got inside the bus and started a new day.