Blue Valentine

Not a bad movie. It might have been a beautiful love story. It could have been shorter and it would have had an uplifting story about how two very different people meet, have fun, fall in love, stay together. But the director, it seems, had something else in mind. The... [Read More]


“What on earth? This is…” She did not finish her sentence. Just started laughing and kept pointing at the cactus plant they had stolen the night before from the restaurant. It was one of those… encounters, something they kept doing since they discovered sex. They were never a couple, except... [Read More]

Love, Emilie

All I need is somebody to love me like you do. To give me back to myself. To scrawl I Love You on my left palm. While I wander, blind and frightened, over and above us all. All I need is a hammer of sound and a furnace of light.... [Read More]
Tags: poetry