Iran – Where is my vote? series…

It rains since yesterday morning. Continuously… I want it to stop!



Where is sun? The summer heat?

Yesterday we saw Il Pranzo di Ferragosto. A funny little movie. At times, I found it a bit too crammed (camera too close, a bit out of focus) but then again, this added to the overall impression. The small apartment, the heat of the city, the emptiness of the city on this holiday – all pretty nicely combined. Will we all be the same when we’ll be old?

I am already half way through Oblomov. I do not feel I will end up liking it, but there is still more to read… Let us see…

Mp3s of  Weegee and Cartier-Bresson at bwf. Interesting to hear them talk about themselves and how they did their work.

Das Leben – ein Traum…

Prokudin-Gorsky beautiful photos from Russia, more than a century ago.