Just remember to take it easy! If I jump straight into 12 km/h when I run I have to suffer the consequences (high pulse and all the rest). Start with 10,5 and work it up slowly, and then I run like a natural. Km after km… enjoying every step!

So, what about cooking something new every week? Does a couscous dish with Egyptian dukkah and cinnamon served with ratatouille count? Or oyster mushrooms gently fried in butter with a bit of garlic a bit of salt and pepper and a touch of herbs with a sunny side up egg on the side, a sliced cucumber and a loaf of baguette? (Well, nothing really new, but delightful!) The mushrooms were so fresh you could eat them raw. The purveyor for the restaurant next door parked his car in front of the gallery and, after being asked and pondering a couple of seconds, he sold us a whole crate (2 kg). Am looking forward to the other guys (fish, veggies, etc.). Have to check if the ol’ fridge at the back still works.

Now back to reality. MJ is dead. Cannot say much about it. Others do a much better job at it.

I am almost done with Oblomov and cannot help thinking that somehow, this guy and Esther Greenwood (The Bell Jar) would have lots in common (were they not separated in time by more than a century). They both have the capacity to dream whole lives. Would they have been contemporary, they might have spent days talking to each other.

Do you want to see six months of sun in one go? Than look no further! This is what happens if you make a pinhole camera (a metal can with a photographic paper inside) and let it capture sunrays for half a year (in an observatory in Czech republic). You can see the sun’s traces and how its orbit alters during this period of time.