Sunday mornings, on FM4 there is a show called Sunny Side Up. Which I like and try to listen to whenever I can. It has just good music. Music to listen to after a long Saturday night out. Music to listen to when the sun warms up your living room and you’ve just thrown a perfect omelet on a plate, cut the tomatoes and the cucumbers, made the tea, got yourself the newspaper and… Time to enjoy your breakfast! Mmm, the croissants are hot and fluffy and give off a beautiful aroma. And the music wraps everything up and makes it even nicer!

Now and then, the DJ changes the tempo. There comes a jingle in which someone says ‘A little soul!’.

Well, even if writing this blog comes nowhere near enjoying a breakfast on a Sunday morning with good music in the background, I think I have to pause a bit and let the jingle do its job: ‘A little soul!’ Yeah… Soul… That’s what I feel it lacks.

On Tuesday I saw Crash again. And I remembered why I liked this film. It was the violence. The emotional violence it lets loose. It’s like a “Boom!” every 15 minutes. It plays with you. It shakes you up so that you know you’re still alive, that you can feel you’re still alive even if you have to go to work, do your shopping, etc.

That’s what I have to find! Something to stir up the soul. A bit of “Boom!”. A bit of noise. A bit of stuff that’s not that comfortable. A bit of love. A bit of nausea. A bit of beauty at the tip of a whip.

It will come soon!