Synecdoche, N.Y. – all through the movie I thought I was having a nightmare. I like Seymour-Hoffman. But the movie is nothing but a flop to me. Of course, there is the narrative within the narrative, the play within the play, etc. but the movie is not up to it. Simply not up to it.

Three Monkeys – from Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Well, this a beautiful one! The narrative is rather simple but the photography is mind blowing. From the beginning, with the car going through the woods at night and the light play on the tree trunks, all the way to the end, with this HUGE sky in Istanbul… I do not know how much time did it take to put this film together, how long did they have to wait until the light was just right… but they did a good job!

I liked Uzak, from the same director and I knew I was in for a treat. But did not expect it would be that beautiful! Not perfect, perhaps, but very beautiful! One can do a lot with a camera that does not move, that stays there and observes, that lets you get involved (or not) as you desire.

The Thomas Crown Affair – the old one with Steve McQueen. Nice! And tonight we’ll see the new one, with Brosnan. Just because!