For a few days, during Christmas last year, we had guests from abroad. R is getting used to hearing people speak English around him and he is trying to learn the language better. He usually gets excited and uses all sorts of words and phrases he heard in movies. Last night, we could hear him in the shower, talking to himself, exchanging replies, as if he were in a movie himself.
We took the guests for a walk through the city center and, at Stephansdom, he played the tour guide for them. He’s been there often, with the kindergarten and then with the school too, he even went up the stairs of the tower a few times and he has stories to tell about the place.
This time he said there is a wishing stone inside the cathedral and he took them in to quickly show it to them.
Later I asked him about the stone, since I was curious, as I hadn’t heard of the stone before. A bit embarrassed, he proceed to tell me that he wasn’t sure where it was located and since parts of the building were closed and they couldn’t see everything, and he didn’t want the guests to be disappointed, he eyed a stone that looked a bit different than the rest and declared:
“This is the wishing stone of Stephansdom!”.

Stephansdom with the "Stairway to heaven" installation