Mîncînd cărţi - Raymond Federman

Dacă vreodată te împinge necesitatea şi simţi că trebuie să mănînci o carte, din disperare sau cine ştie ce nevoie primordială, atunci cartea de telefon e cea mai potrivită, de vreme ce este singura pe care ai primit-o gratis. Excepţie făcînd, desigur, cărţile pe care le-ai furat. [Read More]

I Never Look Away

Had a couple of hours yesterday and rushed to the Albertina for Jim Dine’s self-portraits. Almost rembrandtesque in their effort, the making of self-portraits was a central theme for the artist. The variety of takes on it is quite overwhelming: from simple charcoal drawings to sandpaper, from canvases to chess... [Read More]


It happened again. A few days back I read an essay at 3AMmagazine by Mark Amerika about how he wrote his book Locus Solus, a process that involved online translating machines, a text in French by a writer I have never heard of before - Raymond Roussel and remixing the... [Read More]