A new exhibition opened last week at MUMOK – Cy Twombly which I intend to see. I went there for the opening (which took place outside in MQ) but then, when I saw how many people already gathered, I gave up. Just stayed a bit and took some photos. Will... [Read More]

Bukowski & Hosseini

Finished Bukowski’s Factotum. Man, was he drinking! I almost got intoxicated just by reading how much and how often he drank. The word ‘drank’ itself popped up in almost every other sentence! Drinking and women. That’s pretty much it. And trying to find work in between, to be able to... [Read More]
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dSLR fever. A world I just became aware of and now I try to get to know more about it. Reading articles and reviews, watching pictures over pictures over pictures and trying to guess the kind of lenses being used. There is so much to learn! And so much to... [Read More]
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