Mucha and Don Carlos

on sunday, a cold and windy day, we took refuge in the colorful and playful exhibition in the lower belvedere –  alphonse mucha. [Read More]
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The more I write...

… the more i learn. trying to do it the right way (rich text and all) the act of writing a blog brings along another labor intensive activity – searching for references, reading deeper into the articles, looking for correspondences, jumping from one story to the next, etc. etc. if... [Read More]
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Barlach & Kollwitz

in a jiffy, elbowing my way around the sculptures, i managed to see yesterday’s opening at leopold museum. at the beginning i took refuge in the small theater which was almost empty and saw there a documentary on ernst barlach. and then had to fight my way through the masses... [Read More]
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Some more books

ma numesc rosu (my name is red) – orhan pamuk. remind me not to read pamuk again! he is gripping (every once in a while) but not always. he may be funny. his writing has strength. but no beauty. i thought it was the language. i read ‘snow’ in english.... [Read More]