a bit crazy

what if? well, that’s the question! that’s always the question. not to be or not to be but what if it were and what if i were not? yes, it’s a bit crazy to think of it like this. thou shall not discard possibilities! [Read More]


where does time fly? have been working, then went to see the paintings which, later in the afternoon, were sold at auction, then worked some more, came home, looked on the web trying to find some references about the huge rubens/van dyck painting – found none – just something, perhaps... [Read More]


it is a bit difficult to just jump into it. just write. lately, it either too late or i am too tired, or god knows what. there is never enough time, there is never enough strength. i mean, how could i start discussing a book at midnight, knowing that i... [Read More]

boukoura / altamura

eleni boukoura, the first greek woman painter, who used to dress as a man in order to be able to learn how to paint (something that was not accessible to women back then – 1840). she was sent by her father to study in napels, learning from saverio altamura. she... [Read More]

botero si pepenii din volos

vazind un tablou de-al lui botero pe net, k a repetat de vreo citeva ori ca pictorul columbian e un om de doi bani. de ce? de ce? de ce? am sa va spun de ce, a raspuns si si-a aprins o tigara. pe botero l-am cunoscut in paris cu... [Read More]