Interviu Maria Răduţu

Maria Răduţu a avut darul, încă din vremea copilăriei, de a umple sală după sală cu oameni dornici să o asculte cîntînd la pian. Un adevărat copil minune, a reuşit să concerteze în toată lumea, de la Bucureşti la New York şi de la Madrid la Bangkok, atît solo cît... [Read More]

Stop That!

Tram nr. 2 crosses Brunnenmarkt, the colorful and loud street market in Ottakring. That’s where the boy got in. His mother was busy on the phone but gestured him to sit in the empty seat right in front of me. He held his steamy kebab with both hands and was... [Read More]


At first, I could only hear the sound made by something being dragged on the pavement. Then I saw her and her enormous broken suitcase. She noticed me looking at her and after a couple of seconds of uncertainty she opened the door of the shop and got in. [Read More]


On Bookworm, last night, I’ve had the chance to hear a new name which, I think, will preoccupy me for a while in the next time. Walter Hopps. Dream Colony is a book about him written by the fiction editor of The New Yorker, Deborah Treisman. And now the thing... [Read More]