I have discovered a book by an English painter on The knowledge and restoration of paintings. Theodore Henry Fielding. Published in 1847. I find it quite interesting – reading about how restorations were carried on at that time and how they had regarded painters and paintings in the second half of the 19th Century. I have never thought that cheese (specially prepared) could make a good ground glue for lining paintings. There is also a detailed account on the restoration of one of Titian’s masterpieces which “got a little wet” on the way, after Napolen sent it from Venice to Marseille. As I said, quite a read!

There has been a lot to see lately. Asta Gröting in Linz, the opening at the Weissehaus (Transformers) and Kunstraum NÖ (Translation is a Form) in Vienna, Paintings about paintings at MUMOK (Changing Channels is too much of a challenge right now – I just cannot see myself watching all those videos; will have to find a solution), The Impressionist Collection of the Winterthur Museum (temporarily) in Salzburg, etc. Will have to put my notes together and write something about all these things.

Saw some films lately and managed to read a bit as well:

Hurt Locker. I was quite excited about it but it turned out it wasn’t very good. To sum it up with one word, I could only say – “politics”. It did not really strike the right cord, it did not reach the top. A (much) celebrated under-achievement.

This is Modern Art (Matthew Collings) – a bit too quick sometimes, not taking every artist seriously but a good overview of the art of the 90s.

A few docs on the Pre-Raphaelits, the Impressionists, Gauguin, van Gogh, Munch and the Medici in Florence (pointing out the beginning of art being in itself valuable – greed is good for art!).

Malcom Gladwell’s Tipping Point. Statistics, statistics and statistics. But rather interestingly analysed.