everyone in the underground looks tired this rainy evening. two men next to me talk about photography. or that’s what i think they discuss — i can’t hear them well enough. exposure comes up, as well as light. one of them has a DSLR hanging around his neck, his right... [Read More]

At Night

was in a tram last night, going home. at one station, a bunch of French seniors got in; 20-30 of them. all smiling and shouting “Dominique,” for some reason. when the tram departed, rather abruptly, they all let out a”whoosh” sound while being catapulted about a meter towards the back,... [Read More]

Spune Da - Tobias Wolff

Spălau vasele. Soția lui le spăla și el le ștergea. Seara trecută le-a spălat el. Ajuta des la treburile prin casă, în comparație cu alți bărbați, cunoscuți de-ai săi, cel puțin. În urmă cu cîteva luni a auzit o prietenă de-a soției spunîndu-i acesteia că trebuie să fie norocoasă să... [Read More]


I am glad that I can take R to museums. He’s just an 8 year-old boy interested in Lego and stories and fishing (though he never tried that just yet) but, with a bit of luck, he plays along and I can take him to exhibitions in art museums. The... [Read More]

Five Senses

She was American. Over seventy, I think. She came to this city for her son’s wedding which took place over the weekend. Now, Monday, she felt tired and thought she wouldn’t really want to talk — just hang around and look at the people. But then, slowly, we actually became... [Read More]