Asta Gröting. Lentos. Linz.

Most contemporary art is conceptual art. Seeing Gröting’s work in Lentos I had to think about it again. Today’s art comes from language and words and, to see it and understand it, you have to make the effort to put it back into language, to drape it up with words... [Read More]

Expectations: Kapoor/Serota | Collings/Emin

Last week, Boris Johnson, Anish Kapoor and Lakshmi Mittal have unveiled The ArcelorMittal Orbit, the centerpiece of the Olympic games in London. The Orbit looks like a tortured version of the Eiffel tower. Actually, Kapoor said that he wanted to “rethink what a tower might be”. An article in Times classifies... [Read More]

The world without

With modern art, one needs to know the artist and the references she makes through her work. Otherwise it is not easy to understand her work. Art began with representing nature or what was out there. Plato thought nothing good of it since it did not have access to the... [Read More]