The Human Stain / The Reader

The Human Stain. The movie. I read the book long time ago and liked it. But it was only now that I got to see the movie. Which isn’t bad, but does not match the book. It’s not easy to match it, anyway, as it is pretty densely packed with... [Read More]

Richard David Precht

While running I had the chance to hear a discussion on the radio with Richard David Precht. I heard about his latest book and wanted to read it, but now I have second thoughts. It started pretty interesting anyway. And I thought the guy had a certain sense of humor.... [Read More]


Care for a new non-philosophical obsession? Iubitafizica might be the answer. Well, it’s not really new and not really non-philosophical. But it certainly can become an obsession. [Read More]


After teaching, I went to the gallery on foot. It was such a lovely morning! Memories of last night’s opulent dinner and fun, combined with the beautiful light and the fresh air, with the laughing of kids in the park, with the taste of a fresh French croissant… And a... [Read More]