Yesterday,  another Galerienrundgang. I did not know about it until I saw someone who came into our gallery with the flyer. Funny thing though, this guy stepped in and, very confident said he’s been walking by every so often but never got in. And he wanted to ask if we... [Read More]

Miss Amelia (part II)

His house had stone walls. Big brown stones. And between them, scattered here and there, smaller white, round stones. Over the door frame one of these white stones had been painted – a lady in a green outfit with a straw hat holding an umbrella against the sun. Just as... [Read More]

Men and Women

I finished reading Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. I have to get used to his style. There is none actually. He just writes. His technique of shaving off any words and phrases which are not vital for the plot is visibly at work. There is no subtlety, there are no... [Read More]