Truck Obscura

Have a look here. This is the biggest and simplest camera in the whole world. Look at the pictures in the gallery. And, of course, zoom in! More and more! The photos seem to never end. And they continue to be sharp and clear. And notice the handwork. The sponge traces.... [Read More]


How is this possible? A small painter. Nonetheless member of the French Academy and teacher at the Académie Julian. Eugène Robert Pougheon (1886-1955). Almost nothing on him on the internet. A rare acquaintance of the auction houses as well. And not only that, his paintings are valued from a few... [Read More]
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I teach a bit of Romanian now (2-3 times a week). And one of my pupils lives somewhere close to this famous ice-cream shop in a workers’ district. After I finish my gallery work I have more than enough time to get there and, of course, I have an ice-cream... [Read More]
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The Brooklyn Follies

What did I say? If you need good old plain storytelling, you go to Auster. He never fails you. The Brooklyn Follies is good to read. Despite the fact that Nathan sounds more than often a bit too all-knowing (although Auster tries to hide that by sometimes making him begin... [Read More]
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