Oh, yeah! Kitchen Confidential!

And yet another passion! It’s been there, all along, but now it gathers steam up and it is ready to burst. Kitchen Confidential opened up another world to me. OK, I knew a bit about food and eating, I like cooking and I cook whenever I have the chance, but... [Read More]

Kitchen Confidential?

Now I read from Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. I started reading it accidentally and I find it quite interesting. All this kitchen stuff… food… eating… cooking…. Perhaps I’ll stop being a vegetarian because of this book. We’ll see… [Read More]

Lord of The Flies

William Golding – The Lord of The Flies. Not a complicated book, at first sight, but just the opposite as you try to analyze it. Somehow, I tend to associate it with Odilon Redon. Is it the symbolism that infuses both Golding and Redon (although both are of very a... [Read More]
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