A little soul...

Sunday mornings, on FM4 there is a show called Sunny Side Up. Which I like and try to listen to whenever I can. It has just good music. Music to listen to after a long Saturday night out. Music to listen to when the sun warms up your living room and... [Read More]
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Il Divo. In Italian with German subtitles. Made me spend some time on the internet reading about the recent Italian history. Was this a good movie? Don’t really know. It happened a lot in it but it did not really have a plot line. I mean like a story with... [Read More]

Greece / 2009

And Greece it was! Athens, Santorini, Sunio and Pelion. Quite a line-up! Overall impression – not too crowded this year. I guess the economic crisis has something to do with it. I’ve been told, in Greece it is common to get a loan from the bank in order to go... [Read More]