What a nice name! A Leica lens. 50/0.95. Can you imagine that? I know there are some film lenses that go even wider than that. 0.7 – Kubrick – Barry Lyndon: most of the night scenes (candle light) were shot without extra light. And only a lens so fast could’ve... [Read More]


I’ve only read half of The Sun Also Rises but I think  I can somehow spot the Americanness of Hemingway. Yes, I did not read any Hemingway until now but I got a whole collection with most of his books and I do intend to read them (all). After half... [Read More]

Case sure

El e mic și îndesat. Gras (de fapt). Cu o burtă ce s-ar încadra lejer la categoria “femei însărcinate, luna a opta”. Ea e blonda. Subțire. Ochi albaștri (sic!). [Read More]